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We often get into a situation when we need to draw a certain object in our drawing that we have previously made in some other projects. For example, for pressure vessel designers, they have to work with different size and types of nozzles. Nozzles made in previous projects come in handy for future reference too. So, rather than drawing the same things again and again for different projects, we can save those objects and store it in the AUTOCAD library for future reference. But the question is how? The answer to this question is by “creating a block”.

Block is a collection of geometric shapes that can act as a single object and can be used in a drawing repetitively. Some of its advantages are written below:

       Objects once created can be saved and used for different drawings which saves a lot of time.


       Blocks occupies less memory than individual objects.


       In case of some error or changes to be made, individual components need not be selected. Rather updating block’s definition is sufficient.

Creating a block

       Go to Insert tab >> Block Definition panel >> Create. The block definition dialog box will appear as follows:


     Give a name to the block.


     Click on “select objects”. You will be directed towards the model screen where you can select the objects which is to be converted into a block.


     Select a base point for the block by clicking on “pick a point”. The block is inserted, moved with reference to the base point selected.


Choose the way you want the block to be in the behavior section. It is suggested to select the “allow exploding” option which allows the block to disintegrate into individual parts.


  In the Settings area, choose the block unit. If you choose a unit, AutoCAD will try to scale the block appropriately when inserted into another drawing. Hyperlink can also be added.


    Add description if you want to. Click ok and the block is made.


Now go to Insert tab >> Block panel >> Insert or use INSERT command for insertion of the blocks into the drawing.